Every Great Dream, Begins with A Dreamer

Dreams are people’s hope that gives them the energy and power to keep moving ahead each day. If there were no dreams and aspirations, none of us would be motivated to perform better, work, or even get up from our beds. So, in order to progress and achieve greater things in life, one must keep dreaming of a brighter and happier future. While every person dreams, not all of them are courageous enough to transform their dreams into reality. Not everyone has the strength, mindset, or attitude needed to fulfill a dream and make the most out of it.

Turning vision into reality is indeed a tough task. It requires relentless hard work, time, dedication, energy, and most importantly, passion. With any of these elements missing, it becomes impossible for a person to get a chance to live their dreams or achieve their goals. Many in the world embark on a journey to turning their dream into reality, but most of them give up under the pressures of life or are simply too lazy to chase their dreams. Only a few people in this world have the passion, determination, and resilience to walk that tough yet rewarding path. Among these individuals is Zhaoyang Wang, an entrepreneur and a rising model making her way to the stars. She is a woman who differs from the majority. Her dream to become a leading model and the face for international fashion brands has been turned into reality by her talent and consistency.


Dream Big. Work Hard. Achieve.

Allow your passion to become your purpose, and one day it will become your purpose.

Zhaoyang Wang, also known as Amber Wang, has exactly what this quote states. Driven by a passion for fashion from a very young age, she was enthralled to become the next big face in the fashion industry. She came from an influential background. Her family had a reputable status in the Chinese society as her grandfather was among the first groups of Chinese pilots, and her mother, Hongqin Wei, was the vice president for a business club in Nanyang. Initially, Amber was not attracted by the media or the fashion industry. Unlike other top models who grow up with a love for fashion and spend their entire childhood reading fashion magazines, Amber was different. She was inclined towards business. As business flowed through her veins, it was very obvious that her first job would be in a field related to it, and it was.

After spending her childhood in America and completing her studies, Amber returned to China. She joined Warrior Education, an English training agency, as a trainer. Bagging a job at a young age was a great achievement, something that she had always imagined doing, but now her plans were changing. As she grew up, she found herself being attracted to modeling and glamour. Even though she had her own business, she felt there was something missing which she could not yet comprehend. Amber soon found her fascinated by the high-life, the bling, and shine of the fashion industry. It was the answer to her confusion. It was fashion that she wanted to step in and turn into a career. Amber knew she had the looks, height, and face for it, so she waited patiently for the opportunity to come her way.

Just as everyone dreams, Amber was presented with an unexpected opportunity. She was spotted and approached by Wilhelmina Models, a renowned modeling agency. They offered her to shoot for a sports campaign shot by James Farrell. And this is how her dream came true. Her first shoot was a success and earned her respect in the industry. It was a clear indication that Amber was, indeed, a perfect fit for the industry. After that, it was an uphill journey. Amber Wang knew that nothing worth having comes easy, so she worked day in and day out to achieve her goals and become what she dreamt of – a supermodel.

The Face of L’officiel, India

The fact that the fashion industry is one of the toughest to survive is not hidden. Amber was well-aware of this and knew that there was no room for error. Even though the first opportunity came knocking on her door when she least expected it, she knew that turning that chance into a life-changing moment was in her hands. Her passion for reaching new heights of success helped her maintain her focus and be professional in all her projects.

Being in her early 20’s Amber has set new standards for the upcoming models. Not only has she appeared on top magazine covers, worked with renowned photographers, and modeled for global fashion brands. She is also managing her studies amidst her career. The balance that she has created within her work and personal life at such as early age is truly commendable.

Amber Wang has recently graced the cover of a famous fashion magazine in India named L’officiel. The magazine covers her journey of making it to the Top 10 of Miss Fashion Global 2020 to becoming a top model at such a young age. She states in her interview for the magazine,

Be passionate about what you want to do and do the best for your passion.

Entering the Fashion Industry

Wang’s modeling journey began in 2018 when she participated in Elite Model Competition. Although she did not win the competition, she was spotted by top fashion brands and photographers because of her skills and photogenic face. She has been featured in popular Chinese magazines such as China L’offical and China Fashion Cosmopolitan. Almost 30 magazines, including Vanity Teen and Flanelle, have featured her on their covers.

Dominating the fashion industry, Amber Wang is a renowned face today. She is the ambassador for Wear Wardrobe, a clothing version of Airbnb. She modeled for GHHAUS NYFW 2020 and became the first Chinese cover model for Pump Magazine in the same year. Her passion and dedication have allowed Amber Wang to reach new heights of success and make her a force to reckon with.

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