Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview was a portrait of a whiny, lying douchebag

All of last week, Donald Trump whined incessantly about his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl. He was bigly petulant about it. He had walked out of the interview, which was conducted one week ago, and he spent days threatening to release the video ahead of the air date. Which he ended up doing – he released it on Facebook, where conspiracists and psychos live and thrive. Trump actually thought the video made him look good, or at least sympathetic. Instead it made him look like a f–king douchebag who lies constantly and drowns in self-pity. Well, in case you’re interested, 60 Minutes aired their interview with Trump and my God, it’s just awful. They released the full transcript too, which is hilarious. These were the worst clips, where he threw a tantrum about Joe Biden’s “scandals,” which do not exist.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama did not spy on Trump’s campaign. What the Obama administration did was correctly freak out about how many compromised and treasonous a–holes were working on the Trump campaign, including Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort, both of whom ended up being charged with crimes because they were so compromised and because they were working for foreign governments.

As for Trump whining about how mistreated he is and how people ask him tough questions… my god. He’s just the absolute f–king worst. He’s a f–king baby. I can’t believe all of these white dudes think Trump is their best example of American masculinity. A few more dumb clips if you want them. Again, these questions are not hard. HE IS JUST AWFUL.

Here he is, again, explicitly saying that he hopes the ACA/Obamacare is “ended.” Again, the GOP does not have a healthcare plan. Again, we are still in a pandemic.

Here are a few photos of Trump passing out Halloween candy last night:

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