Top 10 Apps for Single Parents

If you are a single parent, there are many things that may be on your mind.  First and foremost, you will want to be certain to take good care of your little ones and ensure that they have a pleasant upbringing.  In addition, you will want to participate in co-parenting in an easy and seamless way.

However, there are other things that will be of utmost importance. Perhaps finding a relationship, saving money and managing finances, keeping yourself busy and occupied are among a few of the priorities of newly single divorcees with kids.  In this post, we will go over the top 10 apps every single parent needs to have.

Top-Rated Apps For Single Parents Right Now

1. DComply

If you are a single parent, the first thing on your mind should be your child.  And we’re certain it probably is.  You will need to continue communicating with your ex, manage your child’s expenses, pay child support online and more.  And you can do all of this with DComply.  With the DComply app, you can easily manage and track your shared expenses.  In addition, you can seamlessly make your child support payments.

The best thing about this app is it is recognized by the courts and can be used in legal matters. In addition, you can ditch the spreadsheet and start managing your child’s finances with much less stress.

2. WeParent

WeParent is great for co-parents who are newly divorced. Until you go through a divorce with kids, you probably wouldn’t realize the complexity involved and everything that needs to be handled.  WeParent is a highly used app that most newly divorced parents love.  From sharing important information to communications to scheduling everything is handled right in the app.

This app can help divorcing parents find some common ground and communicate with each other more easily. It is convenient to use and the kids will find it interesting as well.

3. SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet is a great app for people looking to get back out there and in the world of dating.  You can meet singles near you and begin to feel free and happy.  Most parents want to eventually find that special someone if they are newly single.  Sometimes simply getting yourself out there can be a challenge. That’s why we suggest using dating apps specifically geared towards single parents when the kids aren’t with you.

Get out there and meet people.  Just do it with the awareness that you do have a child and should use your own discretion when it comes to dating!

4. Checkbook

Finding a way to handle your finances can be tricky for single moms and dads. We are not taught how to keep track of our earnings and spending, but we built the tech to help us.

This app can be used instead of a check register.  It easily helps you to manage finances and is convenient to use.

Now that you are single and recently divorced, you’re going to need to manage finances for the family on your own.  The checkbook enables you to do all that and more.

5. Errands To-Do-List

Errands To-Do-List is a great app for keeping yourself organized.  There are task lists, to-do lists, checklists and so much more.  With Errands, you will remember that appointment to pick up milk from the grocery store.  It’s great for single parents and really, just about everyone.

This app will save you a lot of time, as you will always know what needs to be done and when. Organizing your life at this point is essential and time is highly valued.

6, Task Rabbit

Not that it’s just you in your home with the little ones, you might not have help to do all of the little chores on your long list of to-do’s With task rabbit, you can crush your to-do list and get the jobs you need completed done.  In addition, you can have more time for yourself and the kids.

7. OurFamilyWizard

OurFamilyWizard is the all in one mobile app that makes parenting and everything in between easy and manageable.  With this convenient app, you can log expenses, post messages on a message board, write info in a journal and much more.  There is an easy to use interface that makes co-parenting smooth as can be.

8. Cozi

The Cozi Family Organizer is an easy way for parents to manage their everyday living tasks.  A lot of benefits is offered from this great app.  You can create to-do lists, organize grocery shopping lists, and put everything in a simple to use calendar.  With Cozi parenting on your own is made so much simpler and it’s a highly recommended app.

9. Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

If your children are into gaming, the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls makes your life so much easier.  Instead of screaming through the house when your kids have been gaming for too long, you can monitor everything from this easy to use the app.

With close to 80,000 users, this app makes monitoring your kid’s gaming as easy as 123.  You need to download it to see how great it is!


10. TalkingParents

TalkingParents is a convenient app that doubles as a communication tool for parents who are divorced and engaged in co-parenting.  There are multiple ways to use the app.  It is convenient and makes it possible to put focus on the important things (your children) rather than getting caught up in miscommunications and angry text messages.


Co-parenting can be a challenge.  However, these ten apps are great for managing day to day life as a co-parent.  From organizing activities to creating to-do lists, to even online dating, each one of these ten co-parenting apps makes life a little easier.

Hopefully, you will find some of these apps useful and implement it in your daily life. Of course, you will not use them all, but one or two can really make a difference and you will see it from the get-go.

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