Travel And Gamble: Top 5 Cities to Play Casino Games in 2020

If you visit a particular city, you want to experience it to the fullest. Some places are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sights, but there are also cities that want to offer high-paced gambling action to its visitors. We searched for the top five cities you should visit because of their casinos. They offer the most exciting gaming experience and games you shouldn’t miss.

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Those of you planning a new trip should keep reading. We came up with the list of five cities where you can feel that casino gaming vibe every step of the way!

5. Macau, China

Some people call this China’s special administrative region Macau, which means that it applies different regulations than the mainland country. Thanks to that, Macau has become one of the world’s gambling tourism centers. According to the statistics, around 50% of the entire area’s economy depends on gamblers.

That is why Macau offers top-quality gambling locations. Among other facilities, you will find Venetian Macau here. It is the biggest casino in the world, and it spread on 10.5 million square feet, which is impressive!

If you are up for a walk, how about visiting the old town and the Taoist temple built in the 15th century? Those who are up for even more adrenaline than playing in a casino can head to the Macau Tower to try a bungee jump. The height is 233 meters, and there is no higher bungee jumping location on the entire planet.

4. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Europeans consider Monte Carlo the most attractive gambling location on the entire continent. Many famous people, such as Novak Djokovic, have houses here. Among other things, Monaco is also a tax haven, which is why wealthy persons love it.

Everything in Monte Carlo is luxurious, but elegant and with style. You will love the French Riviera and the option to dine on luxury yachts. The city offers plenty of locations for taking photos. And if you want to gamble, it will be hard to choose between many amazing casinos.

The entire classy atmosphere will make you feel like you are James Bond or a royal family member. You will find thousands of games in casinos, as well as accommodation that exceeds all expectations. Numerous shops and boutiques are also part of the gambling facilities. That will give you an option to spend the money if you earn it while playing.

3.  Atlantic City, USA

You could say that Atlantic City is the Las Vegas of the East Coast. It is a location that was constructed for and by casino gaming. For decades, this place has focused on welcoming players from around the world. Players can visit premium locations like Borgata and Taj Mahal Casino.

While you are on the premises, you will enjoy a long list of games. Once you step out, allow yourself to be dazzled by lights and the shine of Atlantic City. The pier is 1,000 feet long and offers a fantastic coastline. You can also visit Caesar’s Shopping Mall, which offers boutiques and department stores of premium brands. Don’t forget to check out the biggest indoor fountain in the mall’s lobby,

It is worth noting that New Jersey is not far away. If you are a passionate traveler, this city is also worth visiting. You will find plenty of historical, cultural, and leisure attractions. Thes sights can offer a way to relax before returning to Atlantic City to spice it up for more gambling.

2. San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of incredible diversities. It offers attractive sand beaches with crystal clear water, as well as mountains for hiking. San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital, but the city’s population is around 342,000. While it is not large, you will find many attractions in this city. That includes the Winchester Mystery House, Egyptian Museum, and the Municipal Rose Garden.

San Jose also has no less than 15 casinos in the city area. The number is continuously increasing, and you can play a variety of games. That ranges from slots to roulette, blackjack, and other table games like poker. Visitors will receive royal treatment in all casinos because the locals are very polite, and the dealers are professional.

Another great thing about San Jose is that its casinos are affordable. Although you have premium tables for high rollers, the lowest stakes are incredibly budget-friendly. That makes Costa Rica a location where even new players can try themselves in land-based gambling properties. It won’t affect the budget much, and they could end up having a lot of fun!

1.  Las Vegas, USA

It doesn’t surprise that Las Vegas takes the top spot when it comes to casino destinations. Everyone knows that this is a place where you go if you want a special gambling holiday. The only sight more popular than the Las Vegas Strip is Times Square in New York!

Those who want to come to Vegas can’t go wrong with the Strip. It is a single boulevard, but it is so huge that it features 15 of the 25 biggest hotels in the world, as well as some most reputable land-based casinos.

Here is the list of the gaming places on the Strip that you should visit:

  • ARIA – perfect for playing slots as it offers more than 2,000 machines. Beginners will love the vast choice of games, and high rollers will appreciate that some units allow up to $5K per spin.
  • Caesars Palace – apart from casino games, you can also enjoy sports betting.
  • Bellagio – well-decorated and premium poker rooms for all fans of Texas Hold’Em and other games.
  • MGM Grand – a luxurious appearance and excellent games, including even arcades like Pac Man.
  • Planet Hollywood – you go here when you want both gaming and entertainment. The stars of America’s Got Talent regularly perform here, as well as famous worldwide stars like Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani.

If you want to feel the spirit of Las Vegas, you can also play online slots like Vegas Lux at SilverSands. It will be like traveling without leaving your home!


There are cities on every continent that are considered to be casino retreats. Many locations offer luxury resorts where you have everything you might need. That ranges from hundreds of available tables and casino games to premium suites and rooms. On top of that, there are outdoor pools, bars, and other locations where you can spend time when not playing. It is a real all-around package, which is why you should consider a casino city for your next travel destination!

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