Penoplasty Guide 2020

Regardless of social and intellectual development, men, as well as women, still seek additional security in their sexuality, that is, in the dimensions of their genitals or breasts. Some of those who cannot come to terms with the length and girth of their genitals opt for intimate cosmetic surgery.

The reasons for turning to intimate cosmetic surgery are various, ranging from individual physiological differences to health problems that can affect the physical issues of intimacy with a partner.

It is very challenging to find statistics on how many men on the planet are, to some extent, dissatisfied with their sexual organs, whether it is an aesthetic appearance or a functional condition. However, there are unofficial data that say that it is almost 1/3 of men. However, there is a solution to many men’s intimate problems. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to experts, but other therapists such as psychologists and/or aesthetic surgeons are also available. When the core of the problem is dissatisfaction with the length or circumference of the genitals, the cosmetic surgeon will certainly deal with the problem much better.

If you have been considering turning to one of these esthetic procedures, but need more information on what it is, how it works, and what you can expect afterward, we give you a complete guide.

What is penoplasty?

Penoplasty is a surgery performed for penis enlargement.

Additional oil on the fire for the modern man is poured by advertising campaigns for penis enlargement products. Such advertising campaigns make men around the world think this is the cause of their problems and consider surgery. So, before you enter a clinic, be sure you are simply not affected by the media.

How is it possible to increase the length of the penis with surgery?

Let’s speak about the anatomy, the penis is connected to your pelvic bone by hard tissue. The suspensory ligament above the penis is released during surgery, causing the penis to extend further beyond the body. This is achieved by a small incision in the pubic area that is normally covered with pubic hair. Although this procedure will lead to an erection in which the penis goes down, it will not interfere with its normal function.

How is the girth increased?

This procedure involves adding thickness to the penis, which is usually done by removing fat from other parts of the body where there is excess fat, such as the abdomen, and by injecting purified fat under the skin of the penis. It’s quite simple and is done very fast. It should be said that it is possible to increase the volume and length of the penis by 2 cm with your fat tissue.

The technique of transplanting the fat tissue is done by taking out fat cells in the first phase of surgical intervention with a special hollow needle, through the skin, in the areas affected by excessive fat accumulation (abdomen, thighs). The doctor will consult you regarding the area of your body he will extract fat from before the process has started. Fat cells are absorbed into the needle, as well as a small amount of blood that is formed when small blood vessels are damaged. A special treatment for the obtained fat suspension allows us to obtain “pure” fat tissue, which is then injected in thin layers under the skin of the penis.

Both increases in the length of the penis and girth are of course done together. The whole procedure lasts a maximum of 2 hours and requires complete anesthesia.

If you are undergoing only girth increase, then this can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation.

What can you expect afterward?

Even though the vast majority of men have “tools” longer than 7 cm, many of them are convinced that their penises are simply “too small”. So, the overall satisfaction with the operation also depends on your state of mind. With penoplasty, realistically you can expect that your penis elongates for an additional one to five centimeters. But it’s important to know this is also individual. It’s not about the doctor who performs the surgery, but your ligament and its ability to an extent.

The girth is also expected to increase two to four centimeters. The good thing about it is the fact that it’s your fat tissue and the possibility of infection is, therefore, minimized. One thing that is important to know about the girth, is that these fat cells are being absorbed by your body after a certain time. So, it is not a permanent thing. However, you can repeat this process after four to six months.

Are there any side-effects?

Although most surgeons suggest one day of hospital recovery, you will be able to go home after a couple of hours and recover there. The most common side-effects are:

– Scars. Very typical for surgeries. You can expect small scars in the area where fat cells have been extracted, but also around your penis. The Penis area is not such a problem, because the hair will grow and cover the scar, which is prone to fade anyway as time passes.

– Swelling and pain. Although it’s a minor operation, some pain and swelling in the treated area are normal to experience. The doctor will prescribe some pain killers, and you’ll be fine.

– Changes in sensation. It is also normal to lose a sense of feeling for some time after the surgery. This is why the doctors highly recommend abstinence for four to six weeks.

The return to your normal social life is expected in a couple of days after the operation. However, if you are used to doing sports, due to the nature of the treated area, do make sure you avoid it and any heavy lifting for three weeks after the surgery.

In the end, this surgery gives results. But before you decide to try it, maybe do some thinking, consult your partner, and try to accept your body the way it is.

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