6 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

According to the statistics, about forty-five million people every year require help from a medical professional due to personal injuries. It’s also worth mentioning that injuries that happen on the accident are a major factor in the overall cause of death in the world, especially in the United States of America, ranking on the number three spot.

People often injure themselves while working, or simply while doing a daily chore or an activity without being careful enough. Slipping down and breaking a part of your body is not that uncommon, but it’s much more easily treated in younger individuals.

Usually, those who end up losing their lives in an accidental injury are older people, but that doesn’t matter at the moment because today we’re here to talk about injury claims. It was important to point out some statistics though, so you get a little bit of an insight into what we’re going to talk about.

Those who experience such injuries but only end up being hurt are going to file a personal injury claim, and today we’re here to list the five most common reasons for doing so. Car accidents, medical malpractice, or assault, we’re here to point it out. Let’s take a look.

1. Bites from a dog

Taking care of a dog is one of the best things in life, but sometimes things take a darker turn and a dog attacks its owner. This is usually because the dog wasn’t raised properly, or it grew up in a violent environment, but in some rare cases, it happens spontaneously.

Depending on the country where you live, laws for dog attacks may vary, but usually, you should always be given compensation for the injuries. When a dog bites a person, especially a stray dog, things can become very complicated, and you’ll need to pay money out of your pocket for the shot you’ll be given at the hospital.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to prove that the dog was aggressive and attacked its own because you will be asked these questions when filing the complaint, or injury claim. It’s a complicated procedure, but quite achievable with the right lawyer.

2. Construction-related injury

Construction workers get injured often because their job is heavily-physical and sometimes one mistake is more than enough to hurt someone. Depending on what type of a policy your construction company has, you may or may not be given compensation without any effort on your side, but, sometimes that’s not the case and you’ll have to file a claim for it.

Paulson & Nace is a website where you can read some more about personal injury claims. It’s important to understand the significance that an experienced attorney can make in such a situation. Attempting to solve the case on your own may lead to failing and not receiving the compensation for your injury while spending even more by covering all the costs for the procedure. We almost always advise you to hire an attorney for something like this.

3. Assault victim

Assaults happen often, in some places a lot more than in others, and when such an unfortunate event takes place in a person’s life, they need to be given compensation for it. Sometimes a case such as an assault leaves a lot more than just physical damage, and the trauma scarred deep into the person’s mind cannot be cured with money. But, we live in an age where a stable financial situation makes life easier, so there’s that, at least.

There is a lighter version of assault, such as something that happens at a workplace between two colleagues, so it’s not always fatal or very serious. But, an assault is an assault, so if you were a victim of something like this, you deserve to file a claim.

4. Accident at a workplace

No matter what your job is, even if it’s in the IT department, you can still slip, fall, and injure yourself, which falls into the category of workplace accidents. If you work at a reputable company, you are most-certainly insured, so there’s nothing to worry about. But, sometimes the insurance policies have loop-holes in them, making it a bit more difficult for you as a victim to claim the financial compensation. If something like this happens, you should contact an attorney.

According to statistics, this is one the first place for most common personal injury claims, accidents that happen during work hours in your working environment.

5. Car accidents

Car accidents sometimes involve only materialistic damage, but in some scenarios, the driver and the passengers are hurt as well. Your claim should be based on what happened at the scene.

6. Medical Malpractice

Medical facilities are places where patients should be taken the best care of, but unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case. Medical malpractices happen because of two reasons. The first reason is by accident, which is considered to be the better one, but the second reason is not being careful enough, and that’s when your claim may be stronger and have more effect.

If you or someone from your family was a victim of medical malpractice that made their situation worse than it was before, or they ended up losing their life, you should file a claim and seek justice and compensation.


Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes they are not our fault. However, regardless of whose fault it is, the damage is done, and getting compensation for it can help you cope with it better. Above we mentioned some of the most popular types of personal injury claims, so if you are currently facing a similar situation, you should consider filing a claim and finding an experienced attorney for it.

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