7 Benefits of Electronic Drums

The advent of technology has seen a significant evolution in the world of electronic kits. The desire for more sophistication in drumming has seen the gradual replacement of the traditional or conventional acoustic kits.

From the mid-80s, electronic sets began coming into the scene. Today, they have considerably evolved, with some of the best voltaic drums sets landing in the market. These new generations have come with advanced features to make your drumming experience quite easy and enjoyable.

Are you considering playing or adding a kit to your lesson or home? This article will provide you with the unique benefits of this kit over the acoustic one.

1. They are Silent

One challenge that many drummers face while playing kits indoors is noise. This challenge is even worse if you use an acoustic drum, which happens to be quite noisy.

Of course, you will not want to be at loggerheads with your neighbors each day because of the noise. Having said that, you would want to practice them inside the house. So, what do you do?

It is at this point that voltaic kits come in handy. Equipped with a volume control knob, an electronic kit will help you greatly to eliminate noise. The volume control knob is very instrumental in regulating the sound outcome.

Other than the volume control knob, a voltaic drum allows you to use headphones. That means you will be the only one hearing the noise. As such, you will be at liberty to practice your skills even in the middle of the night.

2. They are Portable

Most of us love to have entertainment wherever we are. As a drummer, you are likely to want to tag your drum with you as you out.

Are you going for a vacation, a weekend out, a retreat or any other outdoor event? You need not worry anymore.

There are many portable voltaic kits out there, such as the Yamaha DTX522K. Such electronic kits allow you to carry them along with you using a few cases and soft bags.

This benefit is one of the most fundamental, especially for drummers and those playing in a band. Most kits are more compact, and they are easy to set up.

If you are thinking of traveling often, I advise that you consider an electronic kit.

3. Versatile in Nature

Drumming would be such a boring exercise when you are confined to only one echo. However, with the advent of such kits, many of them are now immensely enjoying their jam sessions.

An electronic kit allows you the freedom to change sounds as many times as you may desire. With only the press of a button, you can change your echo to mimic a studio-quality acoustic kit.

Moreover, you can change your echo to mimic a hip-hop kit or a huge arena rock kit. These are but a few of the many options that a voltaic drum kit offers you.

Even more amazing is the fact that the change from one sound to the other happens in a matter of seconds. Quite amazing!

If you want to enjoy this fully with a variety of echo-sounds, an electronic drum kit is a go-for option.

4. Perfect for Small Spaces

Are you worried about dedicating an entire room to keep your set? Relax as this is not the case with a voltaic drum.

Unlike the acoustic kit, voltaic sets don’t rely on their physical size to produce sound. These are electronically generated.

As such, they are ideal for people with limited space in their homes. For instance, you can comfortably use an electronic kit in a shared or studio apartment.

With an electronic kit, you don’t need microphones! Instead, it uses MIDI connections or a lineout, and you will still see patch cords around your kit. You also don’t need a shield. A 1/4-inch jack is enough.

I highly recommend an electronic set for a home studio or a small church. You don’t need to spend lots of money on mics, stands and other related accessories.

5. They Come With Built-In Tools

Modern voltaic Kits come with a variety of built-in tools and accessories designed to make you a better percussionist.

One of my favorite tools is the built-in jack. It allows me to connect my kits to an external MP3 music source and play-along with my favorite songs.

Some models also come with virtual coaches, among other built-in training tools. These tools challenge you with drills and exercises and provide performance feedback in real-time.

6. Makes Sound Recording Easy

Recording of the sounds you play is another key benefit you will get from a kit. If you want to keep a record of every kit you play, you are sorted.

Many of the sets come with built-in recording options. With just a click of a button, you will be able to record your sounds.

This feature is not there in traditional or conventional kits. With conventional sets, you may have to soundproof the room you are using. You will also have to acquire the appropriate microphones and some high-quality recording equipment.

If you have a voltaic one, you will spare yourself all these hassles. A voltaic kit even allows you to connect it to your PC or sound-mixer.

7. You Have an Option Between Rubber vs. Mesh Heads

These kits offer you a choice of pads between rubber or mesh head. This feature is not available when using an acoustic kit.

Each of these heads gives some unique benefits.

For rubber heads, they:

  • Are more consistent
  • Are economical
  • Are more compact
  • Come with an improved design.

On the other hand, mesh heads:

  • Are tunable
  • Are more sensitive
  • Are more realistic


I hope that this article has been of great help to you. I have put together for you the unique benefits of having a voltaic kit over an acoustic kit.

You need not have a dull jam session again. Also, ensure you buy from the best electronic kits from the best brands.

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