5 Questions and Answers About Fruit and Vegetables to Have a Healthy Diet

There’s no doubt in the fact that fruits and vegetables are elements essential to have a healthy diet, so their daily consumption might reduce the risk to have the disease.

In this article, we explain the say they can help to improve our health we can recognize their benefits alternatives to enjoy its taste and how to get them little by Little to out daily consumption.


  1. Has the Cartoon movie industry created positive messages to motivate us to consume vegetables?
  2. Do you know 3 benefits at least about eating fruits and vegetables having a healthy diet?
  3. What does a biologist researcher and specialized in experimental nutrition think about this?
  4. How to prepare nutritious salads with fruit and vegetables?
  5. How can you start to consume fruits and vegetables?

1. Has the Cartoon movie industry created positive messages to motivate us to consume vegetables?

Do you remember Popeye, the sailor cartoon? This sympathetic character has taught us by consuming spinach our strength increased and this made him looked invincible

We can take this as a comparison that his power was used to Best his enemies, this extra energy was provided by spinach benefits to the body.

In this case, the enemy will be illnesses that are always around however as long as he eats his spinach everything will be fine.

2. Do you know at least 3 benefits by consuming fruits and vegetables?

  • They support you in stabilizing tour hormones. 

By including them in your daily consumption, these add a considerable quantity of vitamins and minerals that protect your cells from oxidative processes when cells begin to oxidate when illnesses appear. It is essential to consume fruits and vegetable of the season

  • They help you by improving Your digestion.

Digestion starts when the body reacts to the food by smell and sight senses. Consume papaya and pineapple. These tropical fruits contain enzymes that will help you to have proper digestion of proteins.

Eat slowly when we take our time to have our kind, there is less air into our digestive system and avoid inflammation and intestinal gases.

  • They help you to keep your health and young
  • A healthy lifestyle can help us to keep us healthy and Young longer
  • Start Your Day with a glass of warm water and lemon this simple beverage helps Your skin to keep it clear and firm vitamin C is collagen precursor which is useful to keep Your skin healthy and Young
  • Add some oranges and y fruits and vegetables such as peppers carrots papaya melon; they contain large quantities of vitamin A to keep Your skin soft and firm orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.

3. What do the specialists think about this?

Nutritional health experts agree that when we cook and especially boiled vegetables, we destroy nutrients, and only minerals and fiber are left, which is why they recommend eating salads with raw greens.

Dr. Erick Estrada Lugo, Biologist, and experimental nutrition specialist, affirm that consuming raw vegetables increases health benefits.

Maybe it is surprising to know the comments that this specialist makes about fruits and vegetables nutritional content to have a healthy diet.

  • Vegetables have different types of nutrients and are in charge to feed directly to every issue in every organ of the body hence the importance to consume them every day
  • There is a nutrition study developed in Switzerland, and this recommends to eat green peas mushrooms, and legumes due to the high-quality protein found
  • Celery is a general anti-inflammatory and due to all diseases begin with a general anti-inflammatory process
  • Chards and spinach are recommended to be included on Your salad menus because they contain anti-cancer antioxidants.
  • Cucumber has more vitamin C than an orange
  • Red Bell pepper should always be included in salads because it is a costly and excellent source of vitamin C
  • Tomato is an excellent antioxidant; besides it is an anti-inflammatory used in every gastronomy around the world.

4. How to prepare a nutritious salad with fruits and vegetables?

There is one recipe recommended by Dr. Erick in which its ingredients are added raw, so they help you to keep yourself healthy and to increase your antioxidant consumption by seasoning with a delicious mango dressing.

With this salad, you will forget the flavor of the vegetables that you like the least, you can enjoy a low-calorie salad, and you will have a delicious menu whether to eat at home or take to work.

Vegetable salad with mango dressing


  • A carrot
  • A little of alfalfa
  • A little of the spinach
  • Half piece a cucumber in shell
  • Half piece red pepper
  • An orange
  • A tomato
  • A little of celery
  • A little of lettuce-Strawberry
  • A few strawberries
  • Some peas
  • Optionally are to you can add dried fruit of your choice

For example almonds, blueberries or walnuts.

For the dressing:

  • A little bit of honey
  • One piece of mango
  • Some water


First, you must wash and disinfect fruits and vegetables.

As all vegetables are eaten raw, the next thing is to cut each of the plants and fruits into small pieces. They are to your liking, but I recommend that they be in thin portions so that they are easier to ingest.

Once they are cut, we place them in a salad bowl.

Then we mix all the ingredients with the help of two spoons.

For the seasoning or dressing.

There is a worldwide trend to use fruit as a seasoning.

In this case, we will prepare a mango dressing.

First, we cut the mango into several pieces and place it in the blender with a little natural water and a little honey.

Grind until the ingredients are incorporated, it can be thick or liquid according to your taste. You can also add more honey, less honey, more water, or less water to your liking.

Finally, we serve our salad on a plate or in a bowl and add the mango dressing. Enjoy!

5. How to begin consuming fruits and vegetables?

If for the moment you have no time to prepare this salad or it seems impossible for any reason you can incorporate little habits in your eating habits.

Start eating a vegetable or fruit that you usually do not consume this means a small change that will help you get used to consuming fruits and veggies in your daily consumption.

  • Imagine how these actions will help to improve your current Health as we previously mention digestion starts in the mouth so you should taste Your meaI enjoy the moment while are eating
  • Consume small portions during the day this is a clear strategy to incorporate the fruits and vegetable consumption all day long this will be a nutritious and tasty snack will be a rich source of energy and satiety as well
  • Remember that prevention is more natural to combat illness, and it is right—your possibilities.
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