10 Habits to Acquire to Become a Good Writer

Everywhere you see people learn and learn to read. But the art of writing is still anonyms to hundreds or thousands of people. It is a universal truth that we focus more on reading and less on writing. In educational institutes, most of the students lack writing skills, but they write due to various reasons like assignment and dissertation writings.

Many students opt for dissertation writing services to write essays and assignments for them. All the educational institutes at primary and secondary levels focus on reading and providing knowledge regarding various subjects of studies but what about the writing skills. Students learn for their exams and write and that is it. When there is a writing requirement, they contact writing services, so what is going on, nobody knows. At college and university levels, students require writing admission essays, term papers and thesis and research reports.

So, due to the insufficient writing background, many students face problems in colleges and universities. Even many professors, engineers, doctors who possess plenty of knowledge and information, do not how to write. Writing does not mean to pick up a pen and start adding words, but actually, it is how you paste your thoughts on the piece of paper. In today’s world, there are many bad writers who don’t even know anything about writing. So, here we are disclosing a secret of how to become a good writer.

Read often

Reading is very much important to become a good writer. Whenever you find some free time, read and only read to do well in writing. This constant reading habit will surely transform you into an excellent writer. A book is a friend indeed, so always keep a book with yourself and when you find some time, start reading it.

Don’t let yourself down with critiques

As a beginner, you should not be worried about failures and criticism. It will only create a negative impact on you and your writing. So, always be positive and always listen to your inner voice that what you are up to. People only criticize and that’s the only thing they do better for you. So, don’t stop working hard to achieve your aims and objectives.

Write with passion

Passion is always the key when you do anything. If you are passionate about writing, then no one can ever stop you in becoming a good writer. Select your favorite subject, pick up your pen, gather ideas and points in your mind and start writing.

Write as much as you can without any disturbances

Adopt the habit of writing and then extremely involve in this habit. Write as much as you can, forget the universe and remove all the obstacles which may distract you while writing. Lock up your room, remove all distractions, take a deep breath, bring some ideas and play with the words.

Start writing with simple sentences and short paragraphs

It is always good to elect simple words and sentences at the beginning of your career. Also, there is no need to prolong your paragraphs. Your writing must have the fluency like water running down from the top.

Learn the art of description

The main focus must not be on how much you write, but it should be on where and when to limit your writing. Your description must be clear, no ifs and buts. It also must be equipped with fresh and unique ideas. Always keep the attention of the reader through your writings.

Expand your vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary to be a good writer. Just read, read and read. Read the dictionary and thesaurus, play word puzzle games and engage yourself in conversations.

Avoid passive voice

Passive voice is not suitable at all. A good writer always uses an active voice in his writings. Be courageous, come out of your skin and speak from your heart through your writings.

Be yourself when writing

Always be yourself when writing. Do not copy any writer’s style because, in the end, it will give you nothing but a false image.

Always revise your writing but take some break

Revision is always required to do after completing your writing. But it is always good to take a break of a day or two to get the revision done. Also, do not feel depressed after finding various mistakes. Your revision will correct it all.

In the end, writing is an art, and it requires a lot of hard work to learn it. Every person can learn to read but learning to write is a different thing. Not everyone can become a good writer, it requires some serious skills, passion, hard work, commitment, excellence and in the end a good mind.



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